118 New Main Street 914/963-2626 Fax 969-7877
The Upper Room 914/963-2211 Fax 968-9629
Travers House 100 Vark Street 914/963-4063 Fax 963-0118
Broadway Manor 101 North Broadway 914/476-4864 Fax 968-9629
Locust Hill 87 Locust Hill Avenue 914/378-1739 Fax:378-1876

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The Sharing Community, Inc. is a 15 year-old community-based organization in southwest Yonkers which provides a continuum of services – from street outreach, and an array of support services, to housing and employment training – for people who are homeless, for those who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, those who lack job skills, or are in need of health, mental or substance abuse treatment. What began in 1983 as a simple soup kitchen and homeless shelter has evolved and grown as we are in the habit of creating services as the need arises. Staff in all Sharing Community programs are bi-lingual and bi-cultural. A brief description, with contacts and telephone numbers, follows:


The Sharing Community, Inc. operates three facilities (a total of 97 units) with transitional and permanent housing for formerly homeless individuals with special housing needs. Two are newly-constructed buildings (TRAVERS HOUSE and LOCUST HILL), the other (BROADWAY MANOR) a renovated historic building. The eligibility criteria, housing accommodations, and program/service plan are different at each facility: one provides transitional and permanent housing for individuals with one or more disabilities; another provides permanent housing for individuals who are HIV+; another provides transitional (and soon will offer permanent) housing in an SRO-type setting. For more information, to obtain an application, or make a referral, contact: Locust Hill (Luis Santos, House Manager) - 378.1739; Travers House (Karl Wilkinson, House Manager) - 963.4063; or Broadway Manor (Terri Turner, House Manager) - 476.7864.


The Sharing Community is one of the collaborators in the Yonkers O.W.N. ("One-stop Workforce Network") project, offering a twelve-week job training program in food services. As with all components of the O.W.N. collaborative, the members operate as a whole to provide educational remediation, job readiness skills-building, and hands-on training. The food service training is conducted at The Sharing Community's central kitchen at 118 New Main Street, where over 150,000 meals are prepared each year.

Contact: Nadine Burns-Lyons, Food Service Coordinator, at 963.2626x22.


Contact Renssalaer Lee, Shelter Supervisor at 963-2626x39.

Contact Jerry Gaines, Case Manager at 963-2211x25.

Contact: Wendell Williams or Samuel Ortega at 963-2211x17

Contact: Gladys Diaz, HIV & Outreach Supervisor at 963-2211x21, or Digna Baez, Case Mgr. at 963-2211



Contact: Luis Laboy/Rodney Irby at 963-2626x27

Contact: Nathaniel Johnson, Carlos Mercado or Leo Perez at 963-2626x17

Contact: Gladys Diaz, HIV & Outreach Supervisor at 963-2211x21

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