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NY State Propositions and Referenda for Nov. 5 Ballot. Read/download these (6 pages)  here for the state level.

Please check with your city, town, or village clerk for more information and for any local propositions not listed.

Voter Service Moderators Needed!

Help Wanted!
Moderator Training Available

Harry MacLaughlin, Moderators' Coordinator for the LWV of Westchester, schedules moderators to lead candidate debates and would like to increase the number of people he can call on.  He will be holding one or more training sessions for persons who would like to explore becoming a moderator.

Moderators are not assigned to their own community. Debates, or forums, are usually sponsored by a local League but sometimes by another group in a community. The moderators task is conduct the debate so candidates are treated fairly and impartially. There are League guidelines to follow and moderators are welcomed and treated with respect.  Contact Harry at 
914-232-5735  or harrym67@verizon.net.

League of Women Voters of Westchester County Proudly Provides our Online Voters Guide: www.Vote411.org

Candidate and other ballot information is available in September before the November General Election. Go to http://www.Vote411.org, select “Build your Ballot” on the home page, then enter your address. You will be able to view all of the races and compare all of the candidates, plus view any initiatives or proposals on your ballot. Candidates may provide a picture, a
link to their website, and write up to 200 words so you may get to know them.
You have an option on your Personal Ballot to put a check mark next to your selected candidates, write notes, and then print (or email) your personal ballot so you may take it with you to the polls. This information is never saved by Vote411. The Vote411 site is private and secure and the information you enter
is used only to print (or email) your Personal Ballot.

Westchester County
Fair Campaign Practices Committee

In 1991 the League of Women Voters of Westchester established the Westchester Fair Campaign Practices Committee as a separate and independent entity. The League plays no role in the Committee's deliberations or decisions; the League does provide support services and administers the funding. The Committee is comprised of community leaders who represent a wide range of public interests and are recognized as being independent and fair minded. Members representing recognized political parties serve ex-officio without vote; they contribute political perspective and experience to the discussion. Link here to the FCPC.

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Voting Information


the New York State Elections website
or to
the Westchester Board of Elections

League of Women Voters Offers Balanced Information on Candidates and Ballot Propositions for Nov 5 Election

The League of Women Voters of Westchester (LWVW) continues its tradition of providing trusted information to citizens via the internet, print and public forums for the Nov. 5 election. All candidates for countywide office, the county legislature and local office have been invited to present biographical information and answers to questions on issues. Explanations and pros and cons of six state propositions on the ballot are also presented.
“This year, we continue to expand our internet site, www.Vote411.org, while also publishing the print version of the Voters Guide,” said Sharon Lindsay, LWVW president. “The internet site enables candidates to provide more information and update continually.”

LWVW and the local Leagues are sponsoring impartial candidate forums and debates throughout the County. On Wednesday, October 23, a countywide debate, cosponsored by LWVW and Pace University, between candidates for County Executive and for County Clerk will be held at Pace Graduate Center, Room 206 (Graduate Auditorium), 1 Martine Ave, White Plains (Parking at Galleria lot). The County Executive candidates will debate at 5:30 to 6:30 pm, followed by a statement at 6:45 pm from the uncontested incumbent for District Attorney. A debate between candidates for County Clerk will be from 7:15 to 8 pm. More details on this debate and local debates for county legislators and local officials are on the www.Vote411.org or www.lwvwestchester.org web sites. Most debates will be replayed on local access television stations or web streamed.

Voters can also get election information by calling the LWV Westchester office at 914-949-0507, or emailing lwvwestchester@optonline.net.

The print version of Voters Guide will be available at local libraries, other public places, through local Leagues and the LWVW office. Candidates upload their own information using the LWV website www.Vote411.org. Candidates who did not provide their response in time to meet the print deadline still can upload their information on the www.Vote411.org website. “We urge them to do this, even if they are running unopposed,” said Voter Service Chair Marianna Stout.”

On www.Vote411.org, users can type in an address, press “Enter” and find one’s polling place, with directions from the inserted address. By pressing the green link “Get personalized information on candidates and issues” and following directions, one can get a personalized list of candidates, the propositions and if desired, print out one’s personalized ballot choices. For further instructions, write to lwvwestchester@optonline.net.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization whose mission is to promote informed citizen participation in government. League membership is open to all citizens of voting age and associate membership to noncitizens and students. Both active members and supporters are welcome and appreciated. For information, call the League at 914-949-0507.

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