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The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Any person of voting age, male or female, may become a League member.

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New Rochelle LWV Cable Program Interviews:  Mayor Noam Bramson and Steven Horton, Executive Director of the Municipal Housing Authorit

The following two interviews will alternate on the New Rochelle League of Women Voters Program, “City People and Issues,” every Monday night at 7 pm on Cablevision Channel 76. They will be repeated on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9 pm.

Mayor Noam Bramson will describe his vision for the future development for New Rochelle and the plans to go forward: April 14 and 28 and May 12.

Steven Horton, Executive Director of the Municipal Housing Authority will review public housing in New Rochelle and describe the replacement of the Hartley Houses with the new Heritage Houses; this housing follow a very different concept involving the private sector, open streetscapes, and direct entry to apartments: April 21 and May 5 and 19.
The two programs will be shown on demand on Vimeo.com shortly after being seen on Cablevision.
Now on Demand
Angela Taylor Describes Highlights and Follow-Up of New Rochelle's 325th Anniversary Celebration

New Rochelle City Councilman Jared Rice Discusses City Issues

Interview with John Wright, Executive Director of the Thomas Paine Cottage Museum https://.vimeo.com/89249209

Interview with District 2 Councilman Al Tarantino https://.vimeo.com/89261780

Programs are recorded in the NRTV studio in City Hall. For further information, call 636-6271. First Floor Meeting Room

If you've missed any League of Women Voters Forums for county candidates, the following replays are available.

Replays of the LWV of New Rochelle Candidates Forum on Oct. 30 for County Legislative Districts 7, 10 and 11 can be streamed on demand by clicking here

Links to the web on demand replays of the LWV Westchester sponsored County Executive debate, a statement from the unopposed incumbent for District Attorney, and the County Clerk debate are available as follows:

Video of Candidates for County Executive

Video of Candidate for District Attorney

Video of Candidates for County Clerk


Two New Rochelle High School Seniors Participate in LWV Running and Winning Workshop, Meeting Women in Politics Who Discuss Public Office

Samathy Kumar, at RunWin Workship


Group at RunWin Workshop 2013

On Thursday, April 18, 2013, the second annual Running and Winning workshop gave 36 Westchester high school girls the chance to meet and talk with 16 women elected officials and learn what it means to run for office and work for the interests of the people of Westchester. Two New Rochelle High School seniors, Nicolette Fudge and Sumathy Kumar took part. Sumathy is pictured at top, Nicolette (black sweater) in group photo.

The workshop was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Westchester, the American Association of University Women of Westchester, and the YWCA of Central Westchester, which provided the location. The Westchester Community Foundation provided funding.

The elected officials began the workshop by telling how they got involved in politics, often coming from a strong desire to solve a critical community problem. The girls then asked probing questions about the women’s experiences, and heard answers stressing the importance of just doing the work in front of one and of being authentic and thereby winning people’s respect. They learned from several office holders that helping other people is very rewarding.

The girls then developed their own campaigns around environmental issues, a challenge requiring teamwork, organizing and public speaking. Their campaigns offered creative action at the community level to improve our environment through cleaning up water, recycling many items, using alternate energy, and others. The girls presented their campaigns in rousing speeches that illustrated their enthusiasm and ability to think creatively.

They also learned how the officials approach raising money in an ethical and respectful way, even though they are uncomfortable with it. One office holder quoted Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” The girls also received practical suggestions about how to get involved in politics and build their skills – volunteer for candidates you respect.

“Running and Winning” addressed the growing awareness of the need for more girls and women to develop their unique leadership potential. Women, 50.8% of the population, now make up only 20 percent of the US Senate and 17.9 percent of the House. There are only nine women governors and 11 lieutenant governors. In 2012, women held 23.7 percent of the 7,382 state legislative seats. In 2013, New York State has one woman U.S. Senator, and six Congressional representatives.

Workshop attendees reported that they had changed their opinion about government, elected officials or running for office as a result of their workshop experience. Some responses: “I see women elected officials as role models.”…“My running for office is possible.”…”realize how important it is for women to become involved in politics.”…”changed my opinion about politics (less corrupt and cutthroat).” They reported that by the end of the day they had increased their self-esteem and become more confident in their leadership skills.

Students in Albany 2012

Students in Albany 2012

Ben Helfand, left, and A.J. Barbaria, New Rochelle High School seniors were sponsored by the New Rochelle LWV to attend the 2012 Students Inside Albany Conference in March. .

They were among 54 high school students throughout the state who participated in the intensive four day training experience designed to immerse students in the process by which public policy is proposed, enacted and changed in the New York State and give them the tools they can use to influence and affect this process.

While in Albany, the students heard from a variety of speakers including elected officials, journalists, good government organizations, and LWV experts, who spoke on varying topics from lobbying to an overview of NYS government, and from transparency in government to the role of media in politics, and much more.


Cable TV interviews See dates and details at left. 

NEW!  "City People and Issues"  will be available on demand shortly after they are first shown on Cablevision. See links at left to recent interviews.

Friday, Apr. 25 Coffee and Conversation with David Lacher, President, New Rochelle Board of Education. Mr. Lacher will discuss and answer questions on the search for a new Superintendent of Schools and the school budget. Coffee and light refreshments will be served at no charge. The public is welcome. For further information, call 632-8254. 9:30-11:00am. New Rochelle Public Library, 1 Library Plaza

New Rochelle Board of Education and Public Library Trustee and Budget Vote is MAY 20. The League of Women Voters of New Rochelle will sponsor a Candidates Forum, date to be announced.

New Rochelle League of Women Voters members were registering dozens of new voters at local colleges and a city street fair last fall. 

Joan Alexander, voter service chair, scheduled the registration. Here are photos she had taken at three of these events.

Below: Joyce Goldklang, left, and Tamar Tait, right, flank student Andrea Rodgers, president of Democracy Matters at Iona College, as they prepare to sign up voters.

Voter Registration #4
Below: Leona Newman, Ginny Coffina, and Joan Alexander register voters at the New Rochelle 325th anniversary street fair.

Voter Registration #1
Below: Patricia Carter and Joan Alexander register students at Monroe College in New Rochelle

Voter Registration #12



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