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Monday, May 11
Women & Their Money

On Monday, May 11th, Paul Sheldon will address the Somers League. He is Senior Vice President of Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. Since joining Wells Fargo in 1974, he has become a wellknown financial advisor in the industry.

In 1977, he initiated a series of investment seminars targeted  for women at the Parson’s School of Design, and subsequently, conducted Financial Independence Considerations for Women which is currently celebrating its 36th anniversary.

Mr. Sheldon earned a B.A. degree, majoring in communications
from the American University. He and his wife live in Westport, Ct. and have two adult sons.

This meeting is an opportunity for you to find out more about
handling your money. Be sure to attend.

Co-President's Message May 2015

May is one of the most beautiful months of the year. The snow and ice have gone but the hot temperature hasn’t arrived yet. In May the first gar-dens begin to sprout, wild flowers start to bloom and the trees and grasses turn green.

This past February in Nebraska and Colorado the League helped defeat voter photo ID bills that could have kept millions of eligible voters from casting their ballots in the next election. The League of Women Voters of Nebraska helped defeat a bill to require voters to provide a State-issued voter photo ID when voting in person at the polls. An estimated 300,000 registered voters who do not have a current driver’s license or other state-issued ID would have been impacted. This also included many over 75, low income, minority and disabled citizens. A bipartisan vote left the discriminatory voter photo ID bill dead for this legislative session. Meanwhile the League of Women Voters of Colorado helped defeat two pro-posals to require voter ID for voters registering on Election Day or on the days immediately prior. The defeat of the two bills is a victory for voters.

Even though government issued voter ID’s are meant to be free, the fees associated with acquiring them creates a heavy tax on the potential voter, keep-ing them from the polls. The League believes that ac-cess to the vote is about equality, not politics. That is why we’re committed to working at the local, state and national levels to protect voting rights and ensure equal access to the polls.

Report to the People Held April 13

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Oye! Oye! All is well in the Town of Somers.

So its League of Women Voters was told on April 13 when its members gathered at Town Hall to be addressed by the Town Board. Rick Morrissey, Supervisor, began by introducing his fellow board members, Richard Clinchy, Thomas Garrity and Anthony Cirieco and Town Clerk, Kathleen Pacello. He proceed-ed to remind us that this town of Somers, home to 20,434, covering 33 miles, is a great place to live. These 33 miles required over 3,000 miles of plowing this past winter. Any potholes remaining should be immediately reported to the town. On named roads, repair is guaranteed within 24 hours.

Somers is anticipating much future development. Somers Crossing PROPOSES 60 to 80 luxury townhouses and a Grocery Store. Its Draft Environmental Impact Statement is almost done. It was suggested that no more than 60 units will be acceptable. De Cicco’s has stated intentions to occupy the grocery space. Affordable housing may not be required in this area and that seems all right with the Board. Worry was expressed by audi-ence members about the wetlands surrounding this property. They were assured that there is a 100-foot buffer zone on Rte. 202, and any problems would be addressed. They were further advised to look forward to additional walking paths to enjoy in that area.

Avalon, on Rte. 6, has proposed 152 rental units with 23 affordable ones, 10 of them at 60% of mean income. Avalon promises to create and maintain a Village Green for public use. Hidden Meadows, further south on Rte. 6. will be comprised of 53 townhouses, 16 of them deemed affordable.

Mr. Morrisey emphasized that Somers will have provided 23% of Westchester County’s required affordable housing, leaving 77% to be provided by its 31 other townships. He believes we’ve done our share. And, HUD expires in 2017. It was also stated in response to queries that “Work Force Housing” seems not be in demand as there are vacant units available.

A much needed traffic light has been installed at the intersection of Rte. 202 and Brick Hill Road and work has begun to remove the triangle at the intersection of Rtes. 138 and 100 where 49 accidents have occurred in the last 3 years.

Pepsi Cola is departing Somers. It is selling its property to Murray Hill Properties which is looking for multiple tenants. Pepsi’s departure should have “no major impact” on Somers’ finances. Its 2014 Audit placed the town in a strong financial position.

The good news on the projected Spectra Pipeline is that it will end on Rte. 6 and will not now go through the Preserve.

Somers’ last Master Plan was completed in 1994. A 2005 document was created. A consultant has been hired to utilize that work to create a comprehensive working guide that will be a living, breathing document. Hopes are that a draft will be ready by June of this year.

Somers has joined other towns in “Sustainable Westchester” which will allow the consortium to purchase electricity at lower rates and pass the savings on to individual consumers.

Heritage Hill residents were assured that the development’s original plans called for a swimming pool and tennis courts at The Pinnacle and that their construction would not hamper views.



of Events

Mon. May 11
10am Monthly Meeting
10:30am "Women and their Money" with Paul Sheldon. Somers Library, Reis Park

Tue. May 19 Board of Education Trustee Election and Budget Vote, Somers Middle School Gymnasium

Thu. May 21st
12:30 Book & Author Luncheon, Traveler's Rest, Route 100, Ossining. Authors and Books:
Susan Allison Dean: I Know You're There
Karen Engelman: The Book That Must Be Named
Stephen Kitsakos: The Accidental Pilgrim
Wendy Staub: Lily Dale: New Cozy Mystery Series

Sat. June 6th and 7th NY State LWV Convention, Desmond Hotel & Conference Center, Albany, NY

Mon. June 8th
10am Final Meeting
"All You Can Eat" Brunch
Somers Library, Reis Park

America Goes to the Polls: Report on Voter Participation Rates in 2014
General Election
(from NYS Updates)

As a recent study that was released by Nonprofit Vote, a nonpartisan re-source that helps nonprofits integrate voter engagement into their ongoing activities and ser-vices, summarized voter participation rates for the 2014 general election. New York State ranked 49th out of the 50 states plus DC with only 29% of eligible voters actually voting. The report found that states with competitive elections or election day registration had much high-er rates of participation than other states. Seven of the top 10 states allowed same day (election day) registration. The full report is posted on the state website. Use this information to engage more people in our voter registration activities, Vote 411 advertisements, and other voter services events.

Proposed Slate for Somers LWV 2015-2016

Co_Presidents, Francoise Bennett and Loretta Nelson

1st Vice President, Joyce Liebman

2nd Vice President, Lucille Kennedy

3rd Vice President, Ann Harper

Treasurer, Ann Stafford

Recording Secretary, Lucille Williams

Corresponding Secretary, Myra Linker

Directors (2nd year of 2 year term
Bea Bartner
Carol Fox
Rita Gottfried
Thelma Gruber
Harriet Lieb
Doris Lipman
Carol Sturtz

Nominating Commitee, Fran McLoughlin, Chair,
Polly Kuhn, Barbara Rothman, Harriet Lieb, Lucille Williams


Benefactors help to support our League with their tax deductible donation of $25.00 (+) to the Somers LWV Educational Fund.

For those of you who have generously supported us in the past, it is time to renew your donation. For others, we ask you to join in this effort and send your check to the Somers Educational Fund, Box371, Somers NY 10589.

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