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Co-President's Message June 2015

Next week, Monday, June 8, we will have our annual meeting accompanied by our usual commu nity brunch. It’s the time not only to wrap things up that took place the last year, but also to meet each other, to get re-acquainted with the chairs of the committees, the members of the Executive Board, the dire-tors and the volunteers. It is time to elect new ones for the new year. To see each other face to face! Last February, as the snow was literally taking over Somers, I read an interesting article in the New York Tines: “The Epidemic of Facelessness”, by Stephen Marche, an Esquire columnist. We all are guilty of too often checking our smart phones, tablets and such. Here are some quotes from the article:

But the faceless communication social media creates, the linked distances between people, both provokes and mitigates the inherent capacity for monstrosity.…

For the great French-Jewish philosopher Levinas, the encounter with another’s face was the origin of identity -- the reality of the other preceding the formation of the self. The face is the substance, not just the reflection, of the infinity of another person (…) But we need a new art of conversation for the new conversations we are having -- and the first rule of that art must be to remember that we are talking to human beings”

This is why we meet here to see one another, to share our experiences, and feelings, to have a conversation. We enjoy a stimulating community and a powerful sense of commitment. We have to decide on important issues for the LWV and in particular for the Somers LWV. We like to talk about Lobbying, Environmental and Women issues, Voter Registration. You might want to take on an issue dear to you.

Come to our annual meeting with ideas and let's talk about how to implement them!

Let’s keep marching on!

Women and Their Money: Know Your Options!

Where is your money? Is it working for you? On Monday, May 11th, Paul Sheldon, an experienced investment councilor, spoke to the Somers League, focusing largely on safe investments for senior women.

First on his list of safe investments are Ginny Mae Bonds, guaranteed by the U.S. government as well as the Ginny Mae Mutual fund , paying 2.34% interest. Municipal tax free bonds are also safe and some pay up to .0425%. Paul also described preferred stocks with good companies that pay about 5-6% in interest.

Sheldon strongly urged the importance of diversifying holdings so as to minimize the impact of any loss. It was an interesting discussion that stimulated a number of questions from the audience.

2015 Book & Author Luncheon

Bea Bartner and Joyce Liebman sure know how to throw a party. The 2015 Book and Author Luncheon was a huge success. Some 45 of us gathered in our Sunday best at Traveler’s Rest in a pretty dining room looking out at an even prettier garden. The company was good as were the food and drink, and the speakers were diverse and excellent.

Somers 2015 Book Luncheon small group
(Left to right: Pat Miller, Bea Bartner, Francoise Bennett, Loretta Nelson Joyce Liebman)
After hors d’oeuvres and drinks, but before digging in to the main course, Joyce welcomed us and thanked Pat Miller, Somers’ retiring and much admired and most helpful librarian, whom we were honoring on this occasion. She then introduced Susan Allison-Dean, a retired nurse who found a second career in gardening but always wanted to write. An incapacitatiting accident gave her time to do this. Touched By A Nurse and I Know You’re There were created. She now spends her winter “off time” writing.

Stephen Kitsakos’ background is in music journalism and libretto composition. He, more or less, dared himself to write a novel, and The Accidental Pilgrim was born. He enjoyed writing it but not the isolation its creation required. Perhaps, someday, he’ll write another.

After a hearty luncheon, Joyce introduced Karen Engelmann. With a background in illustration and graphics, she is the author of The Stockholm Octovo, published in 2012 and since translated into 14 languages. Unlike the earlier speakers, she read from a prepared text telling us, in a humorous way, the 10 steps to take in writing The Book Without A Name because its name would change many times during its development.

Wendy Corsi Staub has pursued her career as writer and novelist for over 20 years. She has had over 80 books published in many genres and is currently at work on a “cozy” mystery series. She has also written under a pseudonym. One of her novels is to become a Hallmark television movie. She loved working with Ed Koch on his biography and loves what she does and would choose no other occupation.

On that up note, we took our last sips of coffee, thanked those who made this delightful afternoon possible and returned home.

Large group at Somers 2015 Book Luncheon

of Events

Sat. June 6 and 7 NY State LWV Convention, Desmond Hotel & Conference Center, Albany, NY

Mon. June 8
10am Final Meeting
"All You Can Eat" Brunch
Somers Library, Reis Park. Everyone who is interested in the League is invited to participate in our final meeting. Hear the  President’s report,
learn about the work of the past year and our plans for the coming year.
See the election of Officers and Directors. Socialize with friends, meet new people and enjoy the delicious  Brunch

Mon. July 13
10am Monthly Meeting
10:30am "Elder Abuse: The Astor Case," Elizabeth Loewy, former chief of the Elder Abuse Unit, Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Somers Library, Reis Park.

Mon. Aug. 13
10am Monthly Meeting
10:30am speaker TBA

June is Here Again: Time for Annual Dues

Individual $60; Family $80. Look for the dues envelope in your mail -- we need you!

Proposed Slate for Somers LWV 2015-2016

Co_Presidents, Francoise Bennett and Loretta Nelson

1st Vice President, Joyce Liebman

2nd Vice President, Lucille Kennedy

3rd Vice President, Ann Harper

Treasurer, Ann Stafford

Recording Secretary, Lucille Williams

Corresponding Secretary, Myra Linker

Directors (2nd year of 2 year term
Bea Bartner
Carol Fox
Rita Gottfried
Thelma Gruber
Harriet Lieb
Doris Lipman
Carol Sturtz

Nominating Commitee, Fran McLoughlin, Chair,
Polly Kuhn, Barbara Rothman, Harriet Lieb, Lucille Williams


Benefactors help to support our League with their tax deductible donation of $25.00 (+) to the Somers LWV Educational Fund.

For those of you who have generously supported us in the past, it is time to renew your donation. For others, we ask you to join in this effort and send your check to the Somers Educational Fund, Box371, Somers NY 10589.

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